Genre: Teens/Fantasy

Age: 13+

Recommendation: Yes, this is a fun and entertaining, superhero themed read.

Type: Series

Summary: +unique plot +brave heroine +continuous action +cute romance


Maci Knight has grown up in the shadow of legends. Her father and her brother, Max, are Heroes, worshipped by humans and Supers alike for their strength and valor. All she’s ever wanted is to follow in their footsteps, to fight villains and protect humankind. But Maci has a secret—one that could change everything.

Maci had a twin sister who died the same day they were born. In their world, one twin is always good, while the other always eventually turns evil. There’s no way to tell which twin will go rogue . . . which means no one knows if Maci will suddenly become a villain.

The closer she gets to her eighteenth birthday, the more she has feelings she can’t control: Violence. Rage. Revenge. Maci wants to be a Hero. But she may not have a choice . . .

The first in a trilogy, City of Legends introduces a new superhero mythology and an unstoppable heroine.

This is a new edition of the previously self-published novel Powered.

Full Review:

Super excited! So, City of Legends is a new series by Cheyanne Young that is centered around Maci Knight, a girl on the brink of becoming part of the prestigious group that all of her friends and family belong to. All her life Maci has been training to be a Hero. The Heroes are a group of people who dedicate their lives to protecting innocents and capturing villains. The book opens with her completing her training session before her Heroes test.

This world that Ms. Young introduces us to is original and refreshing. Although, it lacks a bit in detail, the over a construction of this world is great. The population consists of two races. Humans and the further advanced race known as Supers. There are many sub-cultures within the Supers but everyone is separated bluntly into good or evil. The evil or “villains” are hunted and captured by an advanced and lethal group of Supers known as Heroes. They act as an advanced police force of sorts.

The story focuses on Maci and her internal battle to choose a side and find out if she is good or evil. All the while trying to become a hero and join her family and best friends.

I found this book to be a breath of fresh air.  It would definitely be aimed for more of a 13+ crowd. There are a few curse words but nothing outstandingly offensive. A mild romance without anything of a graphic nature also helps peak your interest. The overall theme is definitely aimed in my opinion to the younger teen crowd. Give yourself a few chapters to get into it. Overall I enjoyed this book. Read it in about three hours. I hope she will come out with the rest of the series quickly..I have no patience and delight in instant gratification.


Disclaimer: I received a free ARC through NetGalley. My thoughts and opinions about this book are in no way swayed and are completely honest. Thank you to Cheyanne Young and Alloy Entertainment for the introduction into Maci’s world. It was fun.

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