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Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Age: 16+

Recommendation: Yes, although this book was not as amazing as the first it is still completely worth the read.

Type: Series, this is book two of three.

Summary: Builds well on the action started in book one, answers some questions and gives us new questions to ponder. + good chemistry between characters + a little romance


After finally settling into her new life at the Citadel, Thalia is reunited with her father, who is disturbed at the changes within her. Risking banishment, Thalia must work to prove to her clan and herself that she is still capable of leading them. The problem is, her memories haven’t returned, and she cannot shake the feeling that she doesn’t belong.

Thalia discovers that betrayal runs deep within her clan, just as she sets out to join Joss and Kael in doing the one thing she fears most: track the Septori to save Joss’ kidnapped sister. Along the way, she must confront her own fears on a journey of self-discovery that will take her deep into the stronghold of Denai; as they travel to the ancient floating city of Skyfell


“I couldn’t move; all I could do was blink in pain, but I had to know, I had to see. My eyes followed the Raven’s as he and I both looked at my wrist to see which color of blood would flow from my wrist. It was black.”

Full Review:

Lets re-cap briefly: Steele wolf is the second installment in Chanda Hahn’s three book series that started with The Iron Butterfly. In the first book, we meet Thalia. She no holds barred has the crappiest moment of awakening ever after coming to in a random place…being tortured…and has no memory at all.  Fast forward a bit and we follow her on her journey to figure out all the basics i.e who she is, why she was chosen and where she is from. The second installment picks up right when Thalia meets her Father and is blindsided by her people whisking her away to her homeland. The entire time she is there she is still confused as to what is going on with the changes in her. She is missing her two favorite/not-so-favorite members of the opposite sex and trying to uncover how she managed to disappear from this rag tag group of fierce warriors in the dead of night and no one saw her. She discovers that as a female in her position she is expected to do things that most only do by choice. The consequences not only will change her life but all of the members of the clan she is just starting to get to know. Yeah, enter major guilt trip vs. self pity for quite a few chapters.

Joss and Kael come back into the picture after our golden boy Joss ventures to see her after his sister was kidnapped. Since the Septori are the most likely guilty party, Joss needs Thalia help to find her. They venture to Skyfell ,where Joss is from and where his family lives. It appears from this portion of the book that betrayal by those who are closest to you seems to become far more frequent than comfort will allow. We also get some more background information about who and why Kael is there , clues to finding members of the Septori and their leader Raven and a little long lusted after clarification on our girl Thalia and her feelings about our two male leads. The not-so-love triangle is a full fledged love conundrum now. It is pretty obvious who she will pick eventually which is kinda lame but then again I read so much I am very rarely surprised.

This book is less than three hundred pages and also cliffhanger positive. I read it over two nights. If you enjoyed the first I suggest reading the second as well. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It all is becoming a bit far fetched but not so much that you start engaging in alternating eye-rolling and almost four letter words.

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