Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Age: 16+

Recommendation: Yes, but it is a bit rushed and doesn’t quite fill the shoes of the two written before.

Type: Series, book three of three

Summary: Completes the series and answers all the questions. + HEA + good action


Every journey has an end.
Unable to find the answers she sought in Skyfell, Thalia, Joss, and Kael travel to Haven with a prisoner in tow. An attack on the road waylays their plans, and Thalia finds herself traveling alone with Kael to the hidden sanctuary of the SwordBrothers.
But war is on the horizon and the Raven is amassing his army. This time, the target is not Calandry, but the Sirens of Sinnedor. When family ties are revealed, Thalia must choose sides. Desperate to break the final seal on her power and save those she loves, will Thalia willingly taste the bitter pain of the iron butterfly machine one final time?


“‘Why don’t you want me to leave?’

‘Mmm. ‘Cause you keep the bad things away,” I mumbled sleepily.

‘What if I am the bad thing?’ His thick voice questioned. Was that a hint of fear I heard?

‘You’re not,’ I answered honestly.”

Full Review:

The third and final installment of the Iron Butterfly series, The Silver Siren, is pretty much what I expected. The final book follows Thalia through the end of her journey and gives us all the answers. All loose ends are tied up with a pretty little bow. This book felt a bit rushed. Almost like the author, although very creative and determined, just wants to be finished with it all. It seems to all come a bit too easy.

The book picks up right after all the shenanigans at Skyfell are finished. Thalia and her crew set off to bring Mona to the Adept Council and run into some not so fun complications. Thalia makes it through and we get to come full circle in finding out some more intimate details about Kael. We also get to see the real reason behind the plans for her , why she was chosen and the purpose of all the torture. We find out her ties to not only Calandry but also Sinnedor and why she has to explore both sides of her lineage.

The thing I really enjoyed about this book was the dynamic of Faraway and how they really interacted. I also kinda dug that although she chooses who I thought she would, it is worked throughout the series as an avoidance of insta-love. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional love at first sight but it gets old after a while. The book comes full circle with a HEA ending. I am going to keep this series and will probably read it again. I enjoy being told a story where the heroine really has to fight her way through but also has a strong male character that is mildly possessive and saves the day occasionally. I would still recommend it to ages 16+ and it hopefully will help you get your daily dose of ” I don’t want to adult today, I just want to read in my underwear”.

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